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    There’s no ‘Magic Bullet’ formula at FFF. We don’t know how to make Coca-Cola, or have a copy of the Colonel’s secret recipe, but we know which players you should be targeting and have strong opinions about which ones to stay away from. Do we have a crystal ball? No, but we do have brass ones. We see the game differently at FFF and present our opinions in an informative and entertaining manner, from the draft kit to the podcast.  

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    Welcome to the 2015 season and the FFF Draft Kit. Each year since we started the Draft Kit (this is our 6th season), we have sold more than the previous year. We at FFF thank you for investing your hard earned money in our abilities year in and year out.

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Dear Loyal Fantasy Freakin’ Footballers,

It’s time for Garret and I to hang up our cleats in regards to FFF.  We have been at it over a decade, but because of increasing family responsibilities and work obligations, we feel we can no longer dedicate the time needed to put out a quality product.

What a wonderful ride, as we made so many friends through Fantasy Freakin’ Football.  You all helped us be better and we genuinely appreciate all your support, e-mails, interactions, etc.

I’d like to personally thank Garret for inviting me to his and Bobby Brimmer’s podcast.  They had a solid gold format and I’m glad I was able to contribute and be part of the team.

We never held back on our player opinions, even though it might have hurt us in the leagues we played in. My personal favorites of our big picks were Garret’s Larry Fitzgerald Bust Of The Year in 2012, Wes Welker’s Breakout Of The Year in 2007, my Eddie Royal Breakout of the Year in 2008 and Josh Gordon Breakout of The Year in 2013. 

We would also like to thank DJ Scream (aka Scott Snyder), Rob Benetti, Carla Kroll and the numerous writers for their contributions throughout the years.  It was a privilege to be on the same team with all of you.

Continued success to all of you in 2016, go out there and “Make Your Own Luck!"

Jules & Garret

p.s. Keep in touch via Twitter, Garret is @dothemathany & Jules is @RedRyder. 

Jules will also being doing some blogging at: https://redryder.wordpress.com


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We are back with the 2015 Draft Kit!  This season we are concentrating on Projections, Values, Sleeper & Coma Plays, Draft Reviews, Busts and of course our BIG Plays Of The Year.  $14.95 prepares you for your drafting season!  We hope to have Volume 1 released August 2nd.  Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) winner Garret Mathany and National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) Hall Of Famer Jules McLean do not hold back on their views.  If you are new to the Draft Kit or FFF, here is a little blurb on what we are all about:

Like the great literary and cinematic detectives of days gone by – Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Jim Rockford, Columbo, Jake Gittes, Will Graham and Clarice Starling (to name but a few), Fantasy Freakin’ Football has always prided ourselves on ignoring the safe opinions, and looking deeper into the evidence before accusing, judging, or acquitting all the NFL suspects that will be available to us on draft day.  Sometimes the preponderance of evidence is based on statistics that just can’t be ignored, and all things being equal, this player screams to be drafted or eschewed.  Other times, it comes down to a gut feeling based on years upon years of watching college and NFL games, where the feedback our eyes give us from what we’ve seen on the field, is greater than what the NFL and Fantasy Football writers are spreading on the internet.  Experience, instincts, pattern and talent recognition are important traits for a football scout to have, but they mean nothing without the confidence and big, brass Godzilla balls to pull the trigger.  The ability to say, “Yes!” when everybody else is saying, “Hell, no!”  Fantasy Freakin’ Football wants to get into the interrogation room with a player and find out if he’s going to screw us if we draft him.  We have zero qualms of putting our opinion on the line, because we take your confidence in us seriously enough to keep us up late at night, and because we’re going to use these evaluations ourselves in the “High Stakes” fantasy football leagues that we play in. We walk it, we talk it and we draft it.  Fantasy Freakin' Football was founded by Garret Mathany, a Fantasy Sports Writer Association (FSWA) award winner and is co-owned by Jules McLean, an inaugural member of the NFFC Hall Of Fame and 35th ranked player in the world.  Follow them on Twitter @FFFInfo

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We here at Fantasy Freakin' Football pride ourselves on giving out good information in an entertaining fashion. Whether it through our podcasts or draft kits, we have a pretty stellar record, especially given our aggressive forecasting style. As Garret once wrote in one of our draft kits, " There’s no ‘Magic Bullet’ formula at Fantasy Freakin’ Football. We don’t know how to make Coca-Cola, or have a copy of the Colonel’s secret recipe, but we know which players you should be targeting and have strong opinions about which ones to stay away from. Do we have a crystal ball? No, but we do have brass ones."

With that in mind and in anticipation of our 2014 Draft Kit, here is a look at our past Breakout Players of the Year and Busts of the Year players. A few notes, we didn't start selling draft kits until 2010, so prior to that we named our Breakouts on the podcasts and didn't do a Bust Of The Year. If a player's name is highlighted, you can click on that to read a PDF of our draft kit write-up for that player. Finally, we were right far more than we were wrong...but the wrongs still sting (I'm talking to you Jermichael Finley!) -Jules